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Cover Story: Immersive Entertainment Embraces New Technologies, Metro Silicon Valley

Immersive experiences like the Van Gogh and Sistine Chapel global touring exhibitions use new technologies like augmented reality, virtual reality and lights and sound to reinterpret some of the world’s greatest artistic achievements in engaging ways, allowing visitors to interact with art and experience it up close.

...and news.


Four Tet wins lengthy legal battle with Domino Records, Dancing Astronaut

After seven months of legal back-and-forth over copyrights, Domino Records has finally settled on Kieran Hebdan, better known as electronic music producer Four Tet’s, breach of contract lawsuit.

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Deep Tropics Proves How Festivals Can Be More Sustainable, Festival Insider

Event organizers across the US are introducing initiatives to produce more sustainable music festivals. The issue is at the forefront for millennials and zenials, who make up most of the audience at music events annually.


How Venues Can Help With Harm Reduction, Festival Insider

According to newly updated data from the CDC, the US saw an increase in opioid overdoses throughout the duration of the pandemic. Honora McCormack, Marketing and Ticketing Manager at Buffalo, NY’s Town Ballroom, said since reopening the Ballroom this year, a nurse on the venue’s staff has procured a go-bag for medical emergencies that includes Narcan, an opioid-overdose medicine.

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'Nightlife Safety Summit' Program Aims to Prevent Sexual Assault in Nightlife, Gray Area Magazine

The newly unveiled Nightlife Safety Summit is a year-long ambassador program for artists, managers, agents, venue staff, and “any industry professional wanting to educate themselves on nightlife violence prevention within the music industry,” says Brown.

Forest_Stage_Lit Creative_2019.jpg

How Festival Stages Work, Festival Insider

Long gone are the days of Woodstock, of festivals with little to no buildings of any kind... today’s events and music shows are meticulously equipped and perfectly designed to accommodate an event’s theme and a vast number of visitors.


iPod officially discontinued by Apple after two decades, Dancing Astronaut

Apple has announced the company’s decision to discontinue what has been arguably the most influential, and popular, digital device for more than two decades—the ubiquitous iPod. The iPod Touch, the last remaining model of the once groundbreaking mp3 player, will disappear from the market forever once the existing stock of iPod Touches is sold out, Apple said on May 10.


Have Festival Brands Made Good on Promises of Diversity and Inclusion?,  Festival Insider

The conversation around diversity and inclusion in festival lineups is changing, but are the bookings?


G Jones, Eprom launch ‘Acid Disk 2’ EP rollout with ‘On My Mind,' Dancing Astronaut

Acid meets breakbeat on G Jones and Eprom’s latest collaborative cut, “On My Mind,” out now via Illusory Records. “On My Mind” is the bass-producing pair’s first joint release since 2019’s “Daemon Veil.” The track is a tastefully scattered composition of instrumentals, textures, and sound elements that harmoniously ebb and flow between the two equally talented producers’ styles.


HitPiece Owner Has Previously Been Accused of Exploiting Artists, Festival Insider

A recent beta venture utilizing blockchain technology is HitPiece—a site aiming to auction individual songs as NFTs for large bids. Launched in December 2021, HitPiece is owned by music executive and former rapper Michael Barrin aka MC Serch; two tech venture capitalists, Ryan Singer and Blake Modersitzki; and music industry professional Rory Felton, whose motives with this latest venture seem questionable, according to several sources.

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